COVID-19: Deadly New Variant and Schools

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Medical experts have expressed concern about the emergence of the deadly Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus in countries across the world

Research has indicated that it is the most transmissible variant yet, and as much as 60 percent more contagious than the Alpha variant (first detected in December 2020)

The executive director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Program warned that the delta variant “is faster, fitter, and will pick off the more vulnerable more efficiently than previous variants,”

This calls for extra efforts to prevent and contain outbreaks with effective and sustainable precaution methods.

When it comes to COVID-19 and Schools, We often talk about 3 vital areas. They are:

1. The 4 demands of COVID-19
2. How to meet the demands
3. How to reach, exceed and maintain compliance

Let’s start with the 4 demands

1. CLEAN: How often do you and should you now clean?
2. SECURE: Are you Safe? COVID-19 should not take away key safety & security measures.
3. SAFE: If assessed against them, what would be your compliance level?
4. SOUND: People need assurance, families, staff, children, visitors and surely, the government. How can you provide this?

How to meet the 4 demands

COVID-19 risk assessment:

By Carrying out COVID-19 school-specific risk assessment to identify infection routes, who could be harmed, how and why and Identify the risk level. The essence of the risk assessment is to introduce control or mitigation measures and any additional measures.

COVID-19 guidance or policy:

A guidance document on COVID-19 should be developed after a risk assessment has been carried out. The guidance should cover guidelines for ALL processes in the school. The policy must state measures established to reduce hazards and protect lives during COVID-19.

Implementation, training & information:

Through Implementation of safety measures in the guidance document, as well as, training and information needed to carry out the safety measures. The importance of running effective training in schools cannot be overemphasized. Trainings promote safe functioning through introduction to safety practices, rules, policies, expectations and role.

Monitoring & Surveillance:

Through monitoring and surveying processes to ensure compliance with safety measures.

How can schools reach, exceed and maintain compliance?

  • Get started with the above mentioned
  • Hire a competent Safety Consultant
  • Get trained to manage safety competently in your school

Additionally, we must not forget that everyone has a role to play when it comes to safety.

If as Adults, there is a need for constant reminders to adhere to COVID-19 protective measures, how much more with children? Also, It’s one thing to be informed about the safety measures, and it’s also another thing to remember them and adhere to them.

Hence, the importance of visual reminders.

Visual reminders are important information passed in visual form. These information are static, meaning that they remain present after words are spoken.

Some benefits of Visual Reminders are:

1. They assist children in knowing exactly what is expected of them
2. The reminders help to store information longer
3. They drive motivation
4. They aid better comprehension

Here’s something you should consider when using visual reminders- The use of colorful posters.

Indeed, Color is an essential part of a good poster design. Through the use of different colors, you can direct the viewer’s eye, and emphasize important aspects or information. Furthermore, It will help strike a remembrance in a child’s memory.

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