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Safety starts with you!

It takes a safe person to save others in other words an unsafe person can’t save others. Safety is first a responsibility to self and secondly to others then together we keep the environment safe.

What is personal safety?

According to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, Personal safety is an individual’s ability to go about their everyday life free from the threat or fear of psychological, emotional or physical harm from others

Some of our actions or inactions does not only expose us to danger but it also exposes everyone around us to danger, hence, it is important that we develop a safety mindset and strive to keep safe.

Yes, safety first!

Whatever action/task you are undertaking, safety must be your first factor of consideration or else the success rate of such action/task is reduced to 50%.

It is important to keep safe everywhere, school, workplace, at public places such as markets, worship centres, etc, the exposure to danger does not respect any location except necessary safety actions have been taken.

Developing a Personal Safety Attitude

  • Develop a safety mindset first; Don’t assume everything is fine, risk assess all your endeavors and be sure it is not just safe for you but also for others around you.
  • Be always alert of your surroundings
  • Quickly pick the message from eye contact
  • Don’t walk alone on a lonely and dark path/road
  • Know who to go to for help in case of an emergency
  • Keep personal hygiene
  • Take note of the slightest changes in your environment in the shortest possible time
  • Know the new faces in your environment each time
  • Let someone know about your where about per time.
  • Remember, the consequences of your unsafe acts can have damaging effect on everyone around you, therefore you must always keep safe

Personal Safety at School

As a school head, you are charged with the responsibility of incorporating Safety into the culture of your school, and when employees and students inculcate a culture of safety, they are able to recognize, respond appropriately and avoid possible harmful situations in the school environment.

How can you achieve this?

  1. Safety and Risk Assessments
  2. Creating Policies
  3. Training, Education and Information
  4. Maintenance Culture

My Safety Toolbox is the guide that you need!

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