Resuming School Safely

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The school is a social environment and therefore it is expected that there would be so much interaction amongst different people. A safe school is a school that puts safety of lives and properties first in their planning for resumption.

Here are some tips on how to resume safely

1. Training and education:

  • The place of training and education can not be over emphasized here. Employees, students and employers can only act based on the level of their knowledge.

When there is sufficient safety knowledge;

  •  Safety interest is increased
  •  Efficiency is attained
  •  Safety innovation is increased
  •  Safety culture is achieved
  •  The occurrence of accidents is reduced
  •  School image is beautified
  •  Unnecessary expenses are cut off

2.  Risk assessment of the facilities and activities of the school:

A lot would have changed between last session/term and now, so it important for school heads/owners to risk assess the facilities in the school.  Because it is resumption time, it is expected that there would definitely be changes in some activities. Even as new ones are introduced which affects the level of risk that would be involved, this further necessitates the importance of risk assessment during resumption. Also, Risk assessments help to discover faulty safety equipment within the school facility.

A safe resumption is achievable when these tips are incorporated into the system of the school.

Remember, safety is not a natural state to be attained but an objective to be achieved.

Stay safe!

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