SAFEtagious 2019: Get your THRIVE on!

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First published by our founder on her personal blog on 22nd June, 2019 under the title Making Safety Contagious.

Another year, another SAFEtagious event!

…and boom! #SAFEtagious2019 another success. To God who gives success, I say thank you Lord.

SAFEtagious is a yearly event I host every year during child safety week, to bring families and schools together, to learn, bond and discuss all things child and school safety. SAFEtagious is gotten from the words SAFETY and CONTAGIOUS.

The secret aim really, is to make safety so contagious that we really never find a cure. We want it to spread like a virus, hence why we say SPREAD THE BUG when we share about the event on social media.

Usually, Safety is seen as something over the top. Something for just high risk industries. Something people want but mostly never want to do the required. Just keep me safe. But guess what? You can’t rely on others to keep you safe. It starts with you!

This year, SAFEtagious took place exactly 2 weeks ago, on 8th June, 2019.

Last year, I didn’t make it to Nigeria but this year, I just had to be there. I didn’t make an announcement since I knew many were wondering and I didn’t want to give any confirmations. My aim really, was to discover who would attend regardless of whether Prof was around or not. Who would support me regardless of whether I flew down or not. Even if it meant I was risking having less attendees. So thanks to those who turned up, especially. Big kiss!

SAFEtagious isn’t about me. SAFEtagious isn’t me. Yes I am possibly the face behind it but it is beyond me.

I hate flying so just know it took alot to fly down to Nigeria. 6 hours suspended in the sky is no joke ?. I just can’t stay calm. I am practically the only one usually shouting Jesus at the slight sign of turbulence.

The Theme: Get your THRIVE on

Prof how do you get these themes?!?

Last year’s was Sweat the SMALL stuff! How I came to choose these themes remains a mystery. I think of what I want to achieve. I think of a few words that will probably define it better and boom! The theme just falls upon me. Guess what? The themes usually make so much sense, hence why I know God has got His perfect hands in this.

So what does it mean to get your thrive on. Thrive is a big word in today’s times. To thrive means to excel, to succeed greatly, to be prosperous, to bloom, to grow etc. Everyone want to thrive in every area of their life. Fact.

Families and schools deserve to thrive too. But how can they thrive if Safety is non-existent? Can you truly groom a child who is unsafe or feels unsafe and unwell?

Can you claim to be a safe school if you do not consider nor implement safety as a kept part of your day to day operation?

So yes we decided to share with schools how they can thrive using health and safety principles. We also wanted families to know and understand the role they played in having a safe school for their children.

And so, we appointed 6 speakers and our awesome host Bimbo Olasope to do this theme and event justice! Bimbo Olasope made it fun and kept us active especially with fast fingers ?. It wasn’t part of my plan with her, so know that I was shocked but of course, impressed.

The Speakers

SAFEtagious 2019

Some have questioned why we never invite government officials to speak or grace the events. My response is always laughter. Who? ??. Aren’t they humans? Why do I have to kill my values and vision to have them at my event, to make it appear more or like I strongly believe, less than it actually is?

Well, we chose 6 speakers. Choosing them was easy. I needed people who could use their real life experiences to enlighten the audience on key safety trends. These were people I either had noticed and observed in social media, had worked with them before or had built a rapport with them over time on social media and in real life.

Belinda Aderonke Odeneye spoke on Safety and Sanitation culture in schools, showing us practical ways to tackle hygiene issues, and keep safe everyday.

Akinfosile Dare Joseph spoke on emergency management with focus on the basic principles of crisis response, a much needed topic as many who try to help in an emergency, often do so with good intentions but could be a great source of frustration to successful emergency management and response. A great example of impact not being intention.

Ugochi Obidiegwu spoke in safety consciousness starting with us as individuals, taking us through simple, practical and effective ways to share safety information.

Bilkisu Kamadi travelled from Abuja to share with us, her journey and experience with depression from childhood, and how she was able to cope and live a fulfilling life.

Julie Mogbo came back this year to share how tight bonds and understanding between families and schools, can help keep schools and children safer together. One thing that stuck with me, is how the Nigerian “respect” culture could be putting children at risk.

Simisola Dabiri of Saffron Social Development Group who did a great job representing Ms Yemi Ebulu-Eyuruntari, and speaking on safeguarding and child protection issues.

Fun was had!

Oh yes! It wasn’t all work and no play! We rounded off with a raffle draw for attendees to win one of the 10 exciting gifts! Up for grabs were:

– free first aid training (value N150,000)
– Safe Schools signature 3-hour Health & Safety Essentials training for your team (value N120,000)
– 1 year free access to The Total School Revolution priced at £75 (N36,000)
– a fully stocked first aid box
– a copy of our Health and Safety Induction framework (value N25,000)
– 1 powder fire extinguisher
– 1 CO2 fire extinguisher
– a fire safety sign pack which includes an exit sign, fire notice and muster point sign
– a copy of my book The Making of A Total School
– one of the school safety starter kits.

Awesome right?! Next year, we will give bigger and better gifts.

See below pictures of some of the awesome winners!

First prize winner – Free First Aid Training for her team!

Winner of the fire safety sign pack
She won a copy of my book!

Winner of the Health and Safety Training for his team

Winner of the First Aid kit

So, what next?

I got asked this question by some attendees and a couple of the speakers. What a question!

With me being thousands of miles away and with closing my Lagos office… ooops! You didn’t know?

If you didn’t hear, Safe Schools is moving 80% online?. Yes most of our services will be provided online with monthly free or low-cost live workshops held in different locations in Nigeria. What we call The Total School Revolution. Every month, we will announce the location, topic and any other details so do join our newsletter or Facebook group.

But first, let’s discuss what the next step is for us – SAFEtober

Last year, we shared 10 simple things schools to partake in, to get them actioning safety. It worked!

SAFEtober is the International School Safety Month held every October where we share safety information and support schools to take a step towards safety. This year’s is the 2nd edition.

The theme this year is Safety in Unity. Unfortunately, our website was hacked and we lost all the information in it. But time is of the essence and we are working on getting it back up fast, as well as a page for SAFEtober! I will be writing and sharing on it soon. So stay tuned ?


To God and family. Without you, SAFEtagious would remain an imagination ?‍♀️

Huge thanks to SEED Olanrewaju Oniyitan and her schools, I say thank you for always supporting and turning up!

To All Naija Schools, thank you for partnering with us and your service this year.

To Afrisafe HSE Nations ahhh thank you! Was so happy to see the man himself Da-silva Femi. Our adopted brother and forever padi. Thank you much!!!

Special love to my sister Hauwa Sodeinde. Was so happy to finally meet you. Big hug sister girl!

Not forgetting the unseen workers – cleaners, security, sound, control room…. Thank you! Your work meant so much. Without you, I’m certain we would all have experienced an embarrassing level of discomfort. So we say thank you for all you do behind the scenes.

For those who couldn’t make it, I totally understand. Besides, we have many more years of #SAFEtagious events to come. We still have lots of time to rock it together.

Super grateful to my event planner extraordinaire (Pushofa Concept), husband man and my volunteers – family (Osagie, Adetola, Ebhu, Eky, Isedehi, Stephen, Ayo, Emmanuel and Alexander), Martha-Clare, Mary, Favour, Blessing, Preye, Obinna, Wunmi, Tuoyo, First Aid Services Nigeria…. Thank you for your sacrifice and service. Certainly not taken for granted.

Have you got ideas for next year’s event? Then do contact me or leave a comment.

See you next year. 6th June, 2020! Don’t forget to watch the short clip from this year’s event and view the photos below!

SAFEtagious 2019
My love and first son
SAFEtagious 2019
Cross section of our attendees listening to the first speaker Aderonke Odeneye
My visitors from Abuja
SAFEtagious 2019
With Martha-Clare my soft speaking and awesome friend
Say hi to grumpy kids?. Skilled at spoiling photos. Cute baby there is my awesome nephew aka my first son
SAFEtagious 2019
The awesome SAFEtagious 2019 Team! Thank you all! Hope to see you again next year!
SAFEtagious 2019
With Julie Mogbo, the most fabulous and kindest Nurse I have ever met

SAFEtagious 2019

SAFEtagious 2019
One of our awesome volunteers Wunmi with her children

More photos will be shared on our official website and Facebook page.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

Peace out,

Professor Ike

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