SAFEtagious 2020: Safety Can’t Wait!

Safe Schools

On a Tuesday at ABC International School (pseudonym), it’s break time and the students are going about their usual break time business.

Everything is going seemingly well until a student passes out on the staircase. Suddenly, there’s a lot of panicking, some students, teachers and non-teaching staff are gathered around the unconscious student, all clueless on what to do. All efforts to revive him proved abortive until he is finally rushed to the hospital where he is pronounced brain dead. 

Did you know that brain cells start to die when deprived of oxygen for up to 5 minutes?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a procedure that could have revived the student, and saved him from becoming brain dead if only someone present at this school could perform it on him. 

Safety in Schools is not something that can be brushed aside to be attended to later. It cannot and will definitely not wait for you to be ready to take action. Running a school is a high-risk business, hence the need for Safety plans to be made, and implemented to guide the smooth running of a School. 

What measures have you put in place to ensure the safety of your students and staff? 

How prepared are you for unforeseen occurrences?

It’s high time schools realize that safety planning in schools is not nice or fashionable to have, rather it is a necessity.

Want to kick off your safety journey?

Start by tapping into the wealth of knowledge of child and school safety professionals from the just concluded SAFEtagious 2020 event, hosted by the leading School Safety Consultancy in Nigeria, Safe Schools International.

9 Speakers with a fabulous mix of thoughts and experiences from Nigeria and UK shared on Different areas of Mental Health, School Safety (The Nigerian and the U.K. perspective), Parenting in the WiFi age, The Environment, Child health and more! 

Relive SAFEtagious 2020! Get the recording, slides, and more on different health and safety topics from our host of experienced speakers.


You can have access to all the videos and slides from these speakers. Click this link to learn how or Call/Text or WhatsApp on +234 803 8833 654

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