SAFEtober 2019: Some ideas on how to participate

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In 2017, we had a vision to have a global reach. We wondered how schools around the world were taking action on action. We searched and found no special campaign or activity carried out anywhere in the world.

If no one else is doing it, you need it, then you do it. That’s what we did.

In 2018, we had the first International School Safety Month themed TAKE A STEP which saw schools in different communities participant by carrying out several safety activities.

In 2019, we are back with a new theme – SAFETY IN UNITY.

Throughout this month of OCTOBER, we are going to be exploring different ways we could enhance peace and unity through safety.

Safety means the condition of being protected from anything likely or unlikely to cause danger, risk or injury. It can also be the state of being safe. Another definition explains safety to be something that protects you from harm. All these definitions are related, they all speak about PROTECTION.

Unity is the state of being joined together or in agreement with someone or a group of people. Unity could also mean Mutual agreement, harmony or accord. It is a state of being one. Here also, all the definitions are similar. The key word here is COOPERATION.

We can now define our theme SAFETY IN UNITY to be an act of cooperating with one another, to protect everyone concerned.

So how can we cooperate? Here are 10 awesome ways we have chosen for you to be a part of.

SAFEtober 2019 activities guide
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As the definition of the theme speaks on cooperating to protect one another assistance from professionals would be greatly needed. Partnering with safety agencies is a great start.

Let them lecture students, members of staff and even parents on what it takes to keep a school or workplace safe, based on their day-to-day work activities.

If you were present at SAFEtagious 2019, you will understand more about partnership.

We gave room for safety agencies to partner with us for the awesome program by speaking, exhibiting and providing free safety services on the day. These agencies also had their stands at different corners of the venue. We had the likes of Saffron Foundation a leading safeguarding and child protection company, First Aid Nigeria who provided emergency response cover, HSENations who provided media coverage etc.

The main point of bringing this up is that even agencies and organisations can partner with, and learn from one another.

This Safety month we encourage you to partner with us at SAFE SCHOOLS by signing up for one of our programs, sponsoring/adopting a school, exhibiting at our events, spreading and sharing our safety message, or booking us to train your staff and learners.


An exhibition day is an opportunity to showcase and talk about safety products and ideas created by your learners, or safety companies.

Parents should be invited so they could also learn a thing or two about safety and could also buy things made by the students or teachers during the safety fair.

Families most of the time try to promote this togetherness and when it is shared with the school, the bond gets stronger. Through this means everyone is learning about safety, showing love and concern for others and promoting unity. YES, Safety does do magic.


This is an amazing way of promoting unity and health!

It is one thing to agree on something and another thing entirely to stand up for what you had agreed upon. Community walk is an opportunity to have a peaceful protest against a safety issue that is of great concern to you.

I made emphasis to the word peaceful because if the protest is not peaceful, you are no longer promoting safety.

A cause you can campaign and have a walk for, could be SPEED BUMPS, SAFER ROADS.

Let’s elaborate.

In a situation whereby there are no speed bumps on school roads there could be a lot of accidents on that road.

Speed bump is a ridge set at intervals in a road surface to control the speed of vehicles.

So If you are a staff of a school, a student or even a parent and there are no speed bumps on the road leading to the school. You could have a peaceful protest saying you need this speed bumps to make your students safe. You can also have a short talk as you do this.

Through this community walk, you are driving safety, passing information and increasing knowledge of road safety.

The local government or even a private firm may decided to take action as part of their CSR!


Proving safety information and training is a legal requirement. Get your staff trained on basics of health and safety, emergency preparedness and even first aid.

You don’t always have to have a lengthy or day-long session. It could be short practical sessions like showing how to promote a safe environment with the help of teaching materials or teaching aids.

Safety is easier to achieve when we are directly involved in learning and implementation. This simply helps one be eager to learn more and practice more on safety. Involvement in learning safety, may be just what is needed to promote unity in your school.


The purpose of a safety assessment is to identify current compliance level, loopholes and areas of improvement. This is the first step of our S.I.TE. safety model.

This particular activity is really important in starting to work towards a safe work and learning environment. It is an in-depth analysis of your safety processes, document and environment.

To ensure you get it right, it is better to get a safety consultant to help with this task or attend one of our workshops to learn how to conduct one yourself.

If you are interested in having a safety assessment completed, please contact us.


This game never gets old or tiring. We absolutely love it as it drives home the message of safety in unity since it involves everyone getting hands on.

As the school gets bigger and innovates, safety issues and needs are likely to increase, and it is the job of every member of the school be it staff or students to identify safety issues.

With the help of our hazards identification workshop (live and online), you should be able to carry out this task effectively!

This activity involves everyone taking a tour of the school, classrooms, laboratories etc, and identifying anything that could cause harm. This act alone gives everyone the opportunity to bond and learn more from one another.


Mental health is one of the biggest challenges facing people of all ages today!

Do you know that a survey conducted on mental health disorder brought about some mind-blowing facts?
Facts like:

Among people between the ages of 5-19, 1 in 8 have at least one mental mental, emotional or behavioural disorder.

Boys are more likely to have a disorder among younger age groups, and girls are more likely to have a disorder among older age groups.

For the 17-19 age group, nearly 1 in 4 young women had a disorder, with anxiety being the most common, with over 50% of them self-harming or completing suicide.

The above analysis shows the need for us have good mental health awareness and knowledge just so we can identify signs of distress and provide the right help and support.

This SAFEtober, show you care by getting trained on basics in mental health so you be a source of strength and support for others in distress. After all, there is safety in unity.


We added this because we know how useful it can be in helping those experiencing mental health distress.

Learning to stop and take notice is an important step in ensuring safety in unity.

One thing all humans have in common is the desire to be well and happy. We can all play a part in ensuring those we meet with, interact with, or come in contact with everyday, are feeling better than they did before we left them.

It is certainly okay to not feel a 100% everyday but if you’ve been a source of support for others, you too will receive support when you need it.

One practice we live is seeing the next person as same as us. We wouldn’t normally ignore our needs and wants or not care about how we feel. If we see others like us, it is easier to extend some love.


Your safety culture should be one where your workers and learners are free to report concerns without the risk of being victimised.

If there is any safety issue that could harm you or others, then you need to report to the right person, professional or agency. This here, shows that there is safety in unity when you take action to protect others, and not just yourself.

You should have information on the right contact details of who to report your concerns to, and how to report them.


The typical response to “what do you want to be when you grow up?” is usually a doctor, lawyer or engineer.

Why not have a day to showcase the safety profession and just what it takes to be a safety officer or inspector.

A day set aside for students to have safety fun. Not just fun, but also some research and learning.

Staff and learners can dress up in attires of their favourite safety profession. You can make this day your own and add some spice!

So what do you think?

These activities are easy and quite affordable so you really have no excuse ?

The benefits of these activities are endless because you would learn, teach, bond, have fun, keep fit, make impact and gain a new way of life.


Let us know what you think, and which of these activities you will be carrying out!

P.S. Don’t forget to download the activities poster. DOWNLOAD NOW

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