SAFEtober 2021: How To Participate

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The month of October is International School Safety Month, and every October, we campaign for safer schools by sharing tips, information and resources to get schools all over the world taking action on safety.

This year’s International School Safety Month aka SAFEtober is themed SAFE2SAFE

A safe and conducive learning and working environment is essential for all students and educators. Without it, students are unable to focus on acquiring the skills they need for a successful education.

Research has shown that children who feel unsafe at school perform worse academically, which in many cases degenerate into bigger life issues.

Likewise Teachers, It is difficult for them to be good teachers in “bad” environments, but It’s been shown that the teaching profession ranks among the least happy careers. Teachers have to constantly show up as a lot of responsibility is placed in their hands.

Schools that have failed to put proper plans that cover the security, safety, mental health and well-being of students and staff in place, experience happenings that have catastrophic, and long-term effects.

Safe2Save means to be Safe to Save Lives.

A wake up call for schools to endeavor to put in as much effort as they put in for other operations into SAFETY.

A truly safe, sound, and secure learning and working environment that can indeed save lives in the event that unforeseen occurrences take place.

So how can you join this important movement? Here are 10 awesome ways we have chosen for you to be a part of.

1. Give your employees a task/project to write what they know about safety and how they can contribute to the overall safety of the school.

This is a nudge in the right direction as this activity will get your staff thinking about safety, and finding out more ways they can be involved in safety. If staff are enlightened about safety, it will directly and indirectly affect their safety culture positively which is always a great first step to being safe.

2. Become a School Safety Officer/ Representative.

The School Safety Officer role is one that should be handled as top priority in every school. After all, It is one thing to have healthy and safety policies and various safety measures, but surely, it is another to implement and follow them through.

Safe Schools offers School Safety Officer training to aid you in ensuring that members of staff, students, and visitors within the school, are complying to health & safety policies, and regulations.

3. Join an online safety community to learn and network.

Belonging to a safety community of other School owners is a great opportunity to engage with people who are going through the same thing as you. The My Safety Toolbox community provides training and resources, all online and accessible anywhere and anytime. It is a subscription program that would cover an important area of school safety monthly as well as provide training and resources.

Learn more here

4. Conduct a Fire Drill.

Your employees should be fully trained and aware of the proper response to fire outbreaks. A fire drill is a practice of how a building will be evacuated in the case of a fire incident.

With proper fire safety training, policies and procedures put in place, the safety of your establishment will be improved.

Safe Schools offers fire safety services and training to equip school staff with skills for Safety during fire incidents.

safetober participate 10 ways

5. Say No to Bullying.

Bullying is harming, degrading, shaming or humiliating others who are smaller, younger, or in some ways perceived to be weaker or lesser than the bully. Create informative posters to discourage bullying, build cyberbullying and online safety into the curriculum, and train your school bus driver(s) to handle school bus bullying and conflict.

This will equip staff and students with the knowledge of bullying and learn to protect themselves and students who may be at risk.

6. Take an online safety course.

Safe Schools has a series of online programs available at portal.safeschoolsintl.com. Our Online school safety courses are designed for school use, to learn best safety practices and be able to implement them.

You can get your safety training needs and legal requirements met with our interactive and highly effective trainings. They are available both virtually and physically at a time that suits you and your team! We also offer bespoke training designed to meet the unique needs of your school!!

7. Emergency numbers and procedures.

Emergencies are unforeseen situations that threaten your students, employees, and visitors, and disrupts work and school activities and tasks. Some are man mad while some are natural.

This activity involves equipping all staff and students with available emergency numbers and procedures to carry out during emergencies.

Emergency action plans help to PREPARE and organize the actions of your staff and pupils during an emergency. It also results in fewer injuries and less structural damage to your school during emergencies.

8. Have a Safety Day and Workshop with a Safety Officer in the month of October.

A safety day is an opportunity to showcase and talk about safety. You could have a safety officer visit your school to speak. Parents should be invited so they could also learn a thing or two about safety. It could be a short practical session like showing how to promote a safe environment with the help of teaching materials or teaching aids.

9. Set up an Access Control System.

Create a system to control who has access to sensitive and important information so as to protect data. As a School, you need to protect the personal data of your students, their parents and your staff. Schools work with an incredible amount of personal data and you might have been giving away too much personal information than is appropriate or safe.

10. Create a Safety Folder for every classroom.

A Safety folder will be useful for class teachers in keeping records to enable them remain on top of everything safety related in their respective classes.

So what do you think?

The benefits of these activities are endless because you would learn, teach, bond, have fun, make impact and gain a new way of life.

Some of these activities you can carry out on your own, while others will require our support and expertise.

Let us know what you think, and which of these activities you will be carrying out!

We can be reached via – hello@safeschoolsintl.com or Call/text/whtasapp +234 803 883 3654

P.S. You can download the Action Pack Here