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SAFEtober is HERE Again!

Dear Educators,

The month of October is International School Safety Month.


…and during this period, schools all over the world participate in ensuring a SAFER SCHOOL. 

As you already know, a safe and conducive learning and working environment is essential for all students and educators to be able to perform at their peak.

This year's Theme is SAFE2SAVE


Likewise, for teachers, it  is  difficult  for  them  to  be good  teachers  in  “bad”  environments.


And that’s why this year International School Safety Month is so timely.


It’s a wake  up  call  for  schools  to  endeavour  to  put  in  as much  effort  as  they  put  in  for  other operations  into  SAFETY. 


A truly  safe,  sound,  and  secure  learning  and  working environment  that  can  indeed  save  lives  in the  event  that  unforeseen  occurrences  take  place.

Here is how to participate in this year's SAFEtober

safetober participate 10 ways

You are required to partake in at least one of them anytime in the month of October.


And once you can  provide proof of successfully partaking in any of the activities, you will be provided with a participant badge and certificate, and will be showcased on our social media accounts.


Just like how it happened in previous years, with schools around the world…


To get your Action Pack and Participate in making your school environment a SAFE, SOUND & SECURE HAVEN