SAFEtober is International School Safety Month

Every October, we campaign for safer schools by sharing tips, information and resources to get schools all over the world taking action on safety. We know we can create a safer world and future through schools and children – after all, children are our future.

The theme this year is RESET!

Life, school, and even work as we know it, has changed and keeps changing. We no longer do things as we used to, especially safety and safety processes. 
This is the perfect time to RESET our safety standards if we are to be more productive and effective as school leaders, with a huge focus on Technology, Processes, and Wellbeing for the Digital School. 

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Special Features

The whole of October is dedicated to safety activities.

We always provide 10 activities to choose from, all linked to the year’s theme – scroll down to download the activities guide.

In addition to these 10 activities guide, here are some of the special things we have planned for 2020. We will be adding more based on suggestions from you – so keep them coming!

1. SAFEtober Webinar Series – 3 Parts of learning, sharing and making impact.

2. Proud participant badge. Available to everyone. You can download from media pack 2020 below. 

3. Certificate of Commitment to Safety in Schools. Sent via email to all who participated. 

4. A week dedicted to Teachers! Focus is on their mental health and wellbeing!

5. A sneak peek into an awesome resource centre for schools. 

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