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Attending summer classes/lessons are usually some sort of exciting moments for kids. It is seen as a time for them to reconnect back with their friends, and even some of their favorite teachers. For some, they look forward to having more fun and participating in many activities that generates pleasure such as outdoor games, excursions and more.

One of the main ideas behind summer classes is to keep the children active in their minds and also have a more relaxed environment of learning as against the usual classes during the academic sessions.

Therefore, It is important for school proprietors, school operators or heads to find ways to provide a safe and secure environment, without hampering the fun that is expected during the summer classes by the children.

There is a high tendency to relax on safety because of the relaxed nature of summer classes but we must put safety first especially considering the emergence of the third wave of COVID-19.

Here are some safety tips, for school operators, staff and parents:

School Heads

• Ensure that your school operates a standard and updated school safety system. For more details, contact us
• Make certain that the children and staff are conversant with the school safety system by training and retraining them.
• Carry out risk assessment of the school before the summer classes starts
• Do not allow strangers into the school environment
• Verify and confirm the health status of non-students joining the school for summer classes
• Create an anti-bullying policy to look out for your students against all sort of bullying, by instilling in them the confidence to always report when being bullied.
• Establish that the transportation safety policy is religiously followed by the driver, the bus staff and the children.


• Pay attention to your student’s mental health by paying attention to changes in your student’s attitude. A change in behavior may signal that something is wrong.
• Ensure all COVID-19 protocols – Social distancing of 2metres, wearing of face masks, washing of the hands regularly and the use of sanitizers
• Get involved in your safety roles and responsibilities as indicated in the school’s safety policy


• Ensure your child knows his and your contact information. Make sure he memorizes his details and that of any of his close friends.
• Don’t label your child’s clothing or backpack with his name where it is visible to avoid easy identification by strangers.
• Pay attention to your children’s mental health by paying attention to changes in your child’s sleeping habit, withdrawal, or personality. A change in behavior may signal that something is wrong
• Adhere to all COVID-19 measures in your home
• Be familiar with how your child’s school handles emergencies. Be sure to educate yourself about the policies and procedures regarding school lock downs and other emergencies
• Ask your child open ended questions. Make asking your child questions about how his day went a part of your afterschool routine. Discuss any point of concern with the school management

At Safe Schools, we always advocate for Safety in ALL seasons. Hence, this summer, we are on the quest to share with you what you need to keep the children in your care safe and healthy.

  • Personal Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Safety Online

3 very important and relevant topic in today’s world!

Our team of safety facilitators will be visiting schools in Lagos to speak on the above areas.

And this is coming to you free from now till September 3rd

Want us to come speak to your staff and students?

Indicate your interest or get more information by reaching out to us via DM or Call/text/WhatsApp on +2348038833654

Our children deserve to have a safe, sound and secure learning environment during their summer classes as much as in the regular academic sessions.

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