School Safety Examiner Issue 2: October 2019

Safe Schools

Welcome to SAFEtober.

Errrr October! The International School Safety Month. A period we’ve dedicated to taking action on safety in schools. The theme this year is SAFETY IN UNITY.

The idea behind this theme was to get schools collaborating with organisations, individuals, and even agencies to achieve their safety goals. We provided helpful resources to make it easier for schools to participate.

During SAFEtober, we provide free training for schools in different communities, but we realised that it limited our reach.

So we decided to take it online this year and launch the Here to Outstanding Bootcamp (HOB) that is designed to take schools from wherever they are safety-wise, to OUTSTANDING.

The first Edition of HOB saw us have a weekend long bootcamp on Mental Health Awareness delivered by me. The course was intense but very well received. The entire program is now available on the School Safety Portal.

I love to catch up on school safety news around the world. The idea of the School Safety Examiner came from me wanting to share my findings with others – YOU.

So what has October got for me and you?

From stabbings in South Africa, to school violence, bullying, shootings, and even the infamous sex for grades documentary by BBC..

If we don’t start taking deliberate action towards safer schools, then I worry about what the future will look, be and feel like.

Still, I leave on a positive note. Safe Schools is growing and is now truly internatonal. We’ve had training and education sessions with children and schools in London and the feedback so far has been heart warming! I can’t wait to share more news with you in the coming months. So stay tuned!


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Happy reading!

Yours always,
Professor Ike

Safe Start 2020

is back.

Join Safe Start 2020, our 5 days of safety planning and implementation for schools.

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