School Safety: What You Should Be Doing As Parents

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Are you one of those parents that look out for “sophistication” when considering options of schools to enroll your kids? 

We’ve seen that nowadays, sophistication and trends seem to be the order of the day in the search for suitable schools, while totally missing or skipping the most important factor to consider—— SAFETY 

Yes, Safety should be the first thing you consider, but sadly,  schools today are actively engaged in everything BUT Safety. 

As a Parent, you are a vital partner in the education of your child. Therefore, it is very important that you are aware of everything that is put in place or isn’t, as well as, decisions made in regards to the safety of their school.

So, what do you do now that you know that Safety is the most important factor?

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Firstly, we would begin with 7 very important questions you ought to ask as parents. 

  1. Does the school have a Safety Team? 
  2. Does the school have a current Health and Safety policy in place? 
  3. Are school safety drills conducted throughout the school year? 
  4. Is there an emergency response plan 
  5. What type of student mental health and well-being support services are available? 
  6. Are there trained First Aiders
  7. Are there Policies in place regarding bullying, abuse and harassment? 

If your child’s school is unable to answer any of the above questions in the affirmative then maybe you need to have a rethink? 

You may be thinking, nothing bad has happened so far or God forbid anything bad happens. No doubt, nobody wishes such, but what if they do happen? 

When it comes to safety,  everyone has a role to play. 

Hence, we have listed below some ways you can be involved, even from home. 

  1. Know and follow school security and safety protocols.
  2. Regular participation in PTA meetings 
  3. Educating your child  on the best Personal safety and hygiene practices 
  4. Talk to your child about safety 
  5. Endeavor to create a sane and safe atmosphere at home 
  6. Monitor your child’s use of the internet
  7. Develop a routine of discussing with your child about the day or week’s events at school to be well informed on school matters. 
  8. Be aware of the information available to you in regards to your child’s school plans and procedures for emergencies. 
  9. Inform school staff about your health and emotional concerns. 
  10.  Ensure that your child is adhering to all COVID-19 protocols

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