Taking Deliberate Action for Your School’s Safety

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Are you fond of managing your school praying and hoping nothing bad happens?

If you answered yes to the question above then you need to know this; we are not safe by chance, Safety requires deliberate action.

It will come as a shock to many that running a School is a high risk business. The fact that you have lives in your care should make you understand why this is so. Your response or proactiveness to your school’s safety needs could either make you or mar you.

Since time immemorial, avoidable deaths and injuries have happened in schools because of the lack of safety measures and procedures. In 2013, 8 students of Ajangbadi High School Lagos Nigeria, went into coma after the railing of a two-story building in the school collapsed.

We hate to reference such a devastating event but it actually happened! This incidence might not have happened if safety checks were carried out by from time to time in the school.

The right safety procedures can take you from high risk to low risk. All you need to start with is to figure out your needs and take QUICK action!

Actions will be carried out based on findings as the assessments will reveal where you are lacking safety wise, how urgent are they, what improvements can be made.

Confused about how to begin your safety journey? Below are vital steps to get your safety system up and running!

1. Conduct a Safety Assessment:

A Safety Assessment is a thorough evaluation of your school’s safety management system. It involves a check of your safety system and it’s compliance level with government’s safety requirements. The safety assessment reports should be detailed and come with recommendations.

2. Set up a Health and Safety Policy:

A Health and Safety policy is your school’s statement regarding your commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy learning/working environment for your students, staff and visitors/parents.

3. Create a Health and Safety Organizational Structure:

This is a hierarchy of positions and responsibilities of those designated for Safety Roles in a school. It showcases plans and arrangements of the management structure for safety.

4. Train your Staff:

We encourage school owners/heads to support and pay for staff to get safety training. It allows them to acquire new knowledge and skills needed to work safely, and allows your business to enjoy enhanced productivity

Requesting the service and support of school safety providers takes a huge burden off you and allows you focus on other duties. Safety consultants, Safe Schools being one of the leading school safety providers in the Nigeria will help you meet all your safety needs

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