The Role of Management in Promoting Safety Culture

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Are you committed to the safety of your school? Is there a “culture” of safety.

The UK Health and Safety Executive defines Safety Culture as; The product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, as well as, competencies and patterns of behaviour that determine the commitment to, the style and proficiency of an organization’s health and safety management.

Basically, Safety Culture is the way and level at which safety is prioritized, embraced and practiced or not in your school. Hence, the way an organization prioritizes and maintains safety culture depends largely on management’s commitment. More so, Management’s commitment to safety is key to a great safety culture, as what school leaders prioritize is what gets carried out.


An organization could either have a Negative or Positive Safety Culture.

Some Attributes of Negative Safety Culture are:

• Lack of commitment and direction from management.
• Staff are not pressured to adhere to organizations rules and standards of safety. Also, They do not see health and safety as important and carry on their day-to-day activities mindlessly.
• Staff have poor or negative attitude towards safety. In most cases, this is because they have received little to no education on safety in most cases. Therefore, the see Safety as none their concern.

Some Attributes of Positive Safety Culture are:

• There is detailed and implemented Health and Safety Policy as well as, a clear leadership from the management to all staff.
• Adequately informed Staff and management on Health and Safety matters. Also, they are aware of implications of non-compliance.
• Safe attitude towards work because they understand the importance of self and others safety.

We have shared some benefits of imbibing the culture of safety in school below, they include:

  • Fever Injuries
  • Reduction in Accidents
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost Savings
  • Improved public relations
  • Lower insurance rates

How can management improve the culture of safety in schools?

  •  Lead by Example
  •  Effective Communication
  •  Training employees
  •  Proactive Planning
  •  Setting up Safety Committees

Don’t know how to begin? We can help you figure out what your current needs are, and provide methods, resources and trainings to improve the standard of safety in your school. All you’ll need to do after is Prioritize, Embrace, and PracticeSafety Culture.

If you’ll like to know more about how we can help you, please send an email to; hello@safeschoolsintl.com

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