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We recently concluded our yearly child and school safety event, SAFEtagious. Hosted every June during Child Safety Week, SAFEtagious aims to bring families and schools together to learn, bond and discuss all things safety that affects schools and children.

What better time to host a very vital event?


Many schools are relatively unsafe and now is a good time for school administrations to start working towards and introducing actionable ways to create and maintain truly safe schools

SAFEtagious 2021 taught us to Unmute Safety to avoid stories that threaten loss, to end our businesses or worse, death. It was a 3 day event, in which we had 13 leaders from different areas of the safety and school Industry share tons of insights and tips to tackle safety flaws in the education sector.

We had 4 different Categories at this year’s edition, they were:

1. Safety and Security
2. Mental health and Well-being
3. Safeguarding and Child Protection
4. Technology and Safety

Safety and Security:

Professor shared in depth how to use safety and security as a PR tool. in other words, a tool to communicate positively with the public. Having a good safety and security record is a great way to build a sound reputation about your school.

We also had a security expert, Dickson Osajie, educate us on the latest trends, threats, and opportunities in school security. He made a quote that;

Every school must carry out a vulnerability analysis

This simply means, every school should carry out an analysis to identify security weaknesses or vulnerabilities in their safety system. The results of the analysis will reveal the Safety threats and risks that exist in that particular school.

A session that had attendees emotional and teary eyed in this category was the one with Carly Posey. Two of her children were in a school shooting that happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School. This tragedy shook America. Carly shared with us the brutal experience, the effect it had on her and her children, and her emergency and reunification protocols now used widely in American schools.

Mental Health and Well-being:

Steve Waters spoke on how to maintain a culture of wellness. More often than not, it is not possible to be a good teacher in a bad environment. There are numerous contributing factors that have a tremendous effect on productivity whether good or bad.

How do you tackle the mental health challenges of young people as a school?

Jumoke Oritsegbone shared helpful tips to identify genuine calls for help and the best approach to them.

Also, from Professor Ike, we learned that there are some words that we should refrain from when we are speaking on mental health matters. For example, saying words like “suffering”, “be a man”, “psycho” tend to pose more harm. Rather than that, we are encouraged to say more positive words such as “diagnosis” , “experience” and “seek help” to uplift people living with mental health issues.

Safeguarding and Child Protection:

In this category, we had Wemimo Adebiyi aka Aunt Wemmy educate us on the best practices to adopt when talking to children about sex. Even though it’s a very important topic to speak on, we’ve found that parents and even teachers often avoid it because of awkwardness or not knowing how to go about it. Aunty Wemmy certainly taught us how to overcome the feeling of awkwardness.

Friends and co-founders Claire and Rachael, shared on Thriving from a place of safety. As school leaders and founders of Dragonfly: Impact Education, they focused on methods of supporting children to heal from trauma and how to build relationships with families to support the child’s whole context and help them to thrive. It is said that caring for the mind is as important and crucial as caring for the body.

We also had a school improvement consultant, Angelina Ikeako, share with us the need to move from strategic to operational ways through culture change, challenging the norm, and empowering students. Hence, It’s time to put our effective safety plans into action!

Technology and Safety:

This category covered the considerations for safe online training by facilitators. Andy Hill, an ex school accreditation officer, shared a short practical session on tips facilitators can use to lead safe online learning to promote professionalism as well as, protect themselves, their school and students.

For example, When you are leading an online class and you need to share your screen for a presentation, always clear your desktop of all open programs.

Children/Students were also not left out in the online safety discussion as they need to be educated on the dangers present on the internet. Many of them do not set boundaries in regards to what should be shared and what shouldn’t, and one thing about the internet is that there is NO take back button, shared school owner and tech enthusiast Cindy Ofunne.

Furthermore, Chief Technologies Officer and consultant Gbenga Bamgbose enlightened us about Data protection and how vital it is to ensure as schools we are not over sharing information online that can potentially lead to harm in one way or the other.

Finally, We had awesome school leaders who came to share their experiences regarding mental health in their field, and discuss all it takes to achieve the status— OUTSTANDING.

We are still basking in euphoria of the awesome feedback we got from some of our SAFEtagious attendees.

See some of the feedback we got below

“It was great! Excellent, wonderful presentation by everyone this should be done every year and to uplift education especially in Africa. In this way we all grow and learn from each other even in small steps it makes a big difference”

Sumenthri S

“I managed to attend most of the sessions on Thursday and Friday, and they were all so informative. It was great listening to the different speakers handling different topics which are so relevant in my context.

Taking care of young people’s safety and well-being is becoming more vital than ever before, with increased exposure to different media and the resulting peer pressure. I am now more equipped as a Safeguarding Lead in my school”

Njoroge E

This year’s edition afforded our attendees the opportunity to learn and receive actionable steps at their fingertips. It’s high time we stopped saying “God Forbid” and hope nothing goes wrong.

The time to take action is NOW!

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