Welcome back to School!

Safe Schools

Welcome back to School!

Students can finally continue their education, teachers can instill knowledge and schools owners/head’s can finally run or manage their establishments.

After a long undesired break, schools have finally re-opened and everything is back to normal. Or is it?

It is no news that life as we know it has changed, so living, working, learning and functioning safely during these times is key.

Many have been looking forward to the reopening of schools with lots of preparation to ensure the safety of all concerned parties. Now that it is a reality, We encourage you to try as much as possible to not be overwhelmed and take it one day at a time. A good way to start is to have the best team.

Have your staff received training on implementing safety protocols?

Schools have reopened because of the belief that we are better informed on preventive and control measures. Hence, equipping staff with high quality training makes it easier to take on the task. Hence, safety and legal requirements must be met.

Furthermore, government audits and inspections are going to happen, and if schools are found with compliance level below par, such schools might be forced to close.

The truth is, COVID-19 is not going anytime soon, so plans for prevention and control must be adoptable and sustainable.


Below are some tips to guide you for safety in school:

1. Safety training:

Schools should make it a point of duty to properly educate the staff on the virus and train designated school staff in symptom recognition and response.

2. Disinfection of school facilities, surfaces and surrounding environment:

Ensure that all classrooms and areas used by students and staff members are efficiently and regularly disinfected to prevent outbreaks.

4. Increased airflow and ventilation:

Ensure that classes or gathering of any form, are held in well ventilated areas. Also, much larger gatherings should be done in outdoor spaces.

5. Practice physical distancing:

Students and staff members are to avoid against clusters that can lead to outbreaks. Activities like sports and games where physical distancing is not feasible should be cancelled. Schools should also work towards increasing classroom spaces or reducing the amount of students in each classroom through phased learning

6. Enforcing safety and prevention rules:

Wearing of masks, washing of hands, use of hand sanitizers are examples of rules that must be enforced. Staff as well as students, should work together to ensure everyone adheres to the safety guidelines which have been implemented in order to prevent outbreaks. Also, provision of water and sanitation infrastructure is also important

7. Education and information sharing:

Share continuous, clear information on COVID-19 with the whole school community. For example, putting up visual reminders at strategic points in the school would help with compliance. (You can download COVID-19 posters that we designed for schools here)

8. Risk planning and Management:

There should be a review of all school programs, including field trips, excursion and sport events. Assess the risks, and determine what is safe to carry out or what should be canceled. What are the risk? What can be done to curb the risks? 

9. Proactively plan for a COVID-19 Outbreak:

Schools are advised to be prepared for worst case scenarios where a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19. Develop a business continuity plan, don’t get caught off guard the second time!

10. COVID 19 Reporting and Accountability:

If you suspect a case of COVID-19 in your school, such person or persons should be isolated. The NCDC should be contacted immediately. Furthermore, Those who came in contact with such person would be identified and a risk assessment will be carried out. Results based on findings would determine if such school would be closed.

Things to remember

I. Disinfecting & Fumigating n school premises
II. Provide training on policies and procedures on COVID-19
III. Provision of hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers
IV. Reorganizing spaces to promote social distancing
V. Body temperature check
VI. Develop protocol for isolation
VII. Provision of isolation rooms
VIII. Enforce the “no mask, no entry” rule

Have you checked out our COVID-19 compliance kit? It  has everything you need to manage your school, staff and learners safely during COVID-19.

We have made it super easy for you by giving you everything you need to get COVID-19 compliance from training materials, to COVID-19 risk assessment and even guidance document.

What’s in the kit?
1. A 7-series on Resetting Safety during COVID-19
2. COVID-19 risk assessment- Government has ordered schools to conduct weekly COVID-19 assessments. We have it ready for you!
3. COVID-19 Guidance Document
4. COVID-19 Health and Safety Induction Presentation Templates
5. COVID-19 Surveillance Checklist
6. COVID-19 Responsibilities Sheet
7. Information Poster Packs

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